As you might have noticed (if you didn’t I will be totally disappointed! what kind of hiker trash are you then?!) I am not going to use my Thrupack Summit Bum for the Kungsleden trail.

In 2018 when I thru-hiked the PCT, I rocked the Thrupack Summit Bum all the way, and absolutely loved it!
At that time I was using a Fujifilm X100F camera which I had in a camera bag attached to the strap of my Osprey Exos pack. So the fanny pack was used for snacks, and my Anker battery pack.

The Thrupack held op pretty fine, but has started to rip in the loop that holds the strap. Maybe because I was overloading the fannypack so it was pulling too hard on the strap.

Just before I went on my Kustleden hike a few months ago I ordered a custom Thrupack to hold my new camera – the Canon EOS M50, which I wanted to use for videos and pictures (instead of using my iPhone X).
Sadly it didn’t arrive in time to bring in on the hike, so I used my original Thrupack once again.

Canon EOS M50

The Canon EOS M50 just about fit into the original thrupack, but it was a huge hassel to take it out and in every time I wanted to use the camera. And sadly, when I got home and picked up my new custom made Thrupack – I realised that I had been a little too conservative on the measurements, so it was still not large enough to hold the camera right 🙁 Totally my own fault!

So I went on google and started to search for fanny packs, to see if there was an option that wasn’t too expensive but still fancy enough to be a statement when worn 🙂

The Cotopaxi Bataan is probably the most fashion statement’ish fanny pack out there and I was instantly in love. Priced decently, and big enough to hold my camera without any problems – AND its not extremely heavy which is usually the problem with “normal” fannypacks.

Thrupack Summit Bum Vs. Cotopaxi Bataan Fannypack

The Thrupack Summit Bum is weighing 99g with the basic strap, and holds 2.5L
The Cotopaxi Bataan is weighing 113g and holds 3L

The Cotopaxi is made of repurposed fabrics and every pack is supposed to be a unique colorway.
It is not water-resistant as the Thrupack, so you have to be aware when it starts to rain.

Both fannypacks are pretty awesome and unless you have to fit a largely camera in the pack I would say that the Thrupack is probably the best choice, Just because you don’t have to worry when it starts to rain (unless its cats and dogs, then you probably have to check to see if any water is getting through).
Also Thrupack is a one person company so supporting him is and other small cottage manufacturers is important!

Thrupack Summit Bum Vs. Cotopaxi Bataan Fannypack