Completing the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

In case you didn’t know, on September 10th 2023, I was successful in completing the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) !! Yeah for me 🙂 My initial plan, was to do all my video editing and uploading once I got home, but I managed to optimise my editing and was able to do it much faster than I had me able…

I'm Back!

I am back!

Last year I tried to thru-hike the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) but decided to quit after I got to Wyoming (Encampment to be exact). But now I am back! There…

Follow my hike

Follow my hike

When I start my thruhike of the Continental Divide Trail, YOU will be able to follow my hike ! – uuuhhhh exciting right 🙂 YOUTUBE My Youtube channel will get…

Hiking planner

Hiking planner

When I first started planning for my thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail I went all in and made a hiking planner in Apple numbers (Apple’s answer to Windows Excel)….

New gear for Continental Divide Trail 2022 (CDT)

New gear for Continental Divide Trail 2022 (CDT)

For my CDT 2022 thruhike, I “needed” some new items, or at least that’s what I tell myself 🙂This is a quick overview of my new gear for Continental Divide Trail 2022 (CDT) My gear is pretty much dialed in at this point from previous hikes, so these items are really just minor changes, except for the camera, which was…

Padjelanta Trail

Padjelantaleden 2021

I finally got around to editing and posting my thru-hike of Padjelantaleden 2021 Now I can concentrate on my CDT 2022 Thru-hike, which is just around the corner (April 16th….

Arizona Trail Video

Arizona Trail video online

I finally managed to get my last part of my Arizona Trail video online! First off I want to apologise for the LOOONG delay.It’s been about 1,5 years since I…