My Future Hikes, My Future Hikes

After completing The Pacific Crest Trail, I realized that hiking is something I love so of course, I started to plan my next hiking adventure, and before I knew I had made plans for the next few years 🙂

Things can change but I feel that these goals are pretty reasonable. Doing a thru-hike is pretty expensive if you will want to keep the apartment, and still have bills to pay while you’re away, so I will just do a few small hikes until I can afford the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) or The American Discovery trail which hopefully will be in 2021.

Making these plans helps a little bit on my restlessness and living in a country without any really exciting places to hike it a hard itch to scratch while I wait for the next hike.

So, for now, these are my plans.

The Arizona Trail 2020

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete non-motorized path, stretching 1288 (800 mi) diverse kilometers across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities, and people. 

April 2020 I will embark on another long distance hike, and boy I’m already excited just thinking about it! 🙂

The TGO Challenge 2020

The TGO Challenge is a self-supported Scottish Coast to Coast backpacking adventure.  In essence it is about experiencing the remote parts of Scotland you can only reach by foot. 

Unlike just about all other backpacking events, you plan your own bespoke route.  There is an immense satisfaction in walking a route that you have created.

The Continental Devide Trail (CDT) 2021

The CDT is a United States National Scenic Trail running 3,100 miles (5,000 km) between Mexico and Canada. It follows the Continental Divide of the Americas along the Rocky Mountains and traverses five U.S. states — Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

My idea is to do that in 2021 if I can save up enough money while still doing all the other trails on my list 🙂


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