In 2018 I completed my thruhike of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).

This corner of my website is basically just a boiled down version of the site I made specifically for my PCT adventure – which you can find right here

I just wanted to get all my travel info/stories in the same place so I decided to copy most of my old website over here.

I started the Me And The PCT website in 2017 and posted info about my progress through the year until April when I embarked on my amazing adventure.
Which is what you can read about in the posts on this page 🙂

After that everything continued on my Instagram and on my Youtube channel.

Most of the older posts are in Danish, but I will translate them at some point, so in the meantime you will have to make do with google translate 😉

All my videos from the PCT thruhike are in English though and you can watch them by clicking the beautiful banner below 😉

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My thru-hike of The Pacific Crest Trail

My story from the PCT
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Have you ever wondered what thruhiking the Pacific Crest Trail would be like? Well sit back and enjoy my story from the PCT

Pacific Crest Trail Posts 2018



Post PCT or (PPCTSD) Post Pacific Crest Trail Stress Disorder 🙂 Getting back to normal life, real life, civilization etc. has been hard for me – way harder than I actually thought it would be. The PCT has shown me how beautiful a simple life…


My Youtube Vlog

My Exciting adventure has now begun, so the rest (or at least that’s the plan) of my adventure will be happening on my Youtube Vlog/channel – in English! 😉 It will be too time-consuming to have a video diary and a blog as well, so, for now,…

DJI Spark bye bye

Pre hike realisations

When I first started to research and plan for my 2018 thruhike of the PCT, I had a clear indication that camera equipment should be kept to an absolutely minimum. Now one year later, pre hike realisations – I’ve come to realise that I might be…

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