This year I will be hiking the Arizona Trail and doing The Great Outdoor Challenge (TGO Challenge).
This is my hiking gear for 2020

New acquisitions

Once again I got a little Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) and swapped out some og the items in my hiking setup.

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter

Totally accidental I stumbled upon this flint lighter from Vargo and thought that could be a fun addition – and considering that it weighs the same as my normal size disposable lighter, I figured why not.

It is a flint lighter and do not need any fuel to work, and the flint is exchangeable.

The lighter I am talking about is the Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter which weighs 8 gram (0.3 oz) !

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter - This is my hiking gear for 2020

Enlightened Equipment Torrid APEX Jacket

On my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018 I sported the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whiperer puffy, and I really loved it!

Knowing that I am going to hike in Scotland this year (TGO) the chances of rain are pretty high. And even though I am bringing a rain jacket (we will get to that) there is a chance that I will soaked.

And as we all know, down looses its insulating effect with it gets wet.

I bought a new puffy from Enlightened Equipment – the Torrid APEX Jacket which is a synthetic puffy, so even wet it will still be able to keep warm.

The Enlightened Equipment Torrid APEX Jacket (Large) is about 251 gram (8.85 oz) which is a little heavier than the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer (230 gram / 8.11 oz) but hopefully that won’t break my back 🙂

Enlightened Equipment Torrid APEX Jacket - This is my hiking gear for 2020

Montane Minimus Rain Jacket

The Outdoor Research Helium 2 Rain Jacket that I used on my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018 was pretty banged up afterwards – even though I don’t think that I used it that much.

I found out on my hike of the Kungsleden (King’s Way) last summer (2019) when wearing the Jacket for like 5 minutes in light rain, that my shoulders were stating to get wet (I went from a tent area to the restaurant at Kebnekaise Fjälstation)

That is apparently something to expect with lightweight rain jackets because they are so thin they won’t withstand too much rubbing etc. from backpacks. So I needed a new jacket.

I looked around, and instead of just buying the same jacket again (that’s just boring) I decided to try the Montane Minimus Black Rain Jacket.

It’s still a lightweight jacket so I will likely have the same problem after awhile – only time will tell.

The Montane Minimus Rain Jacket weighs about 195 gram (6.9 oz) which is just a little bit heavier than the Outdoor Research Helium 2 (184 gram / 6.5 oz)

The Montane Minimus Rain Jacket - This is my hiking gear for 2020

UGQ Outdoors XL-Bandit Quilt

I also decided to get a new quilt (yes I know, blasphemy considering my outbursts on the PCT about quilts).
Before heading out on Kungsleden (King’s Way)  I bought a quilt from Western MountaineeringThe AstraLite
It is amazing! and extremely lightweight (17.5oz / 496g).

But I am “worried” that a -3°C (26°F) bag isn’t going to keep me warm in Arizona (it will probably not be a problem at all) and Scotland (TGO Challenge) so I opted for another, warmer quilt – UGQ XL-Bandit -12°C (10°F).

This new quilt is quite a bit heavier than my Western Mountaineering quilt, but hopefully that will pay off :).
My XL-Bandit quilt weighs in at 788 gram (27.88 oz) for a 950 fillpower, 198cm. So not bad at all.

One of the reasons that I went for the UGQ Outdoor quilt is that reviews seem very positive. It has a draft collar (you can choose if you want it) which my Western Mountaineering quilt has as well – and I love that.

Another reason is that you have the ability not only choose the color, but they even have patterns to choose as well!!

I went for a very crazy combo with my quilt, and when I get it I will post my initial thoughts on quality etc. but it’s safe to say that I will probably have a VERY unique quilt 🙂 hopefully I will like it as well hehe.

UGQ XL-Bandit Quilt - This is my hiking gear for 2020

The rest of my hiking gear for 2020