It is getting closer and closer to my departure for the Arizona Trail and the prehike jitters are upon me 🙂

I am leaving for Arizona on March 20th, so still a few days left 🙂

Normal reason is of course my excitement for the adventure that awaits me, but the main reason is of a more serious matter.

Resupply, and all the travel, documents etc. I feel confident that I got under control (probably don’t though, but at least I think that do – so I am not thinking too much about that anymore)
And yesterday I met with another danish guy, Marcus, who is also hiking the Arizona Trail this year – he’s leaving next Saturday so he can pave the way for my when I arrive 🙂

Anyways, he and I exchanged ideas, talked about resupply and all the other insanely interesting things you can talk about when two people meet who have the same interests 🙂 and came to the conclusion that we got this! We got this locked down tight 🙂

A little story – the real reason for my prehike jitters

But here is a little story about why I really have the prehike jitters. Strap in and let me take you back to the amazing year of 2018.

In 2018 when I did my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest trail I left the US via the trail as a lot of people do. I went to Vancouver, Canada and flew home from there.

The “problem” is that I didn’t get a stamp in my passport when I went into Canada via the trail (there are no one to do that, so that’s not unusual) and when I flew home I didn’t think about getting a stamp in the airport either. So basically I have no proof that I left the US within the allowed 6 months that I can stay at a time.

And this is why the main reason for my pre-hike jitters! When I get to the airport in the US, I will probably, maybe have to prove that I did leave USA. So I have collected all the “evidence” I can think of (plane ticket receipt, receipt from the hostel I stayed at in Vancouver and pay checks)

Now all I can hope for is that the person in the security check is in a good mood because as I understand it is up to that person to decide if my papers are evidence enough. Hopefully it will not be a problem at all, and I am actually confident that I won’t, BUT anything can happen 🙂

If I get denied access to the US I will just go back to work until I have to go to Scotland to hike the TGO.

So that’s my reason for the Prehike Jitters 🙂 seems reasonable right?

Crossing fingers!