I finally managed to get my last part of my Arizona Trail video online!

First off I want to apologise for the LOOONG delay.
It’s been about 1,5 years since I got home from the trail, and some really crazy #%€&# has happened in my life that I don’t really wanna get into right now (still after this long it still affects me).

It’s work related, so not any health issues or any “serious” stuff, but it turned my life upside down and I am not really over it yet. But anyways! 🙂

Chapter 4 – Part 2: The End.

Chapter 4 – Part 2 concludes my hike of the Arizona Trail as we decided to call it quits (Grand Canyon closed down, so it was kind of pointless to go much further)

Here is my Arizona Trail video and again I really want to say how sorry I am for just cutting off like that.
And thanks for watching and commenting on my videos and sending me messages! really appreciate the support!

I have a few more hiking related videos coming out over the next few months, as I have started to get back into my hiking mood 🙂 and I CAN’T wait for my CDT hike in 2022.

Hope you enjoy this – even though it is way too long 🙂