I finally got around to editing and posting my thru-hike of the Padjelanta Trail 2021

You can watch it right here

Now I can concentrate on my CDT 2022 Thru-hike, which is just around the corner (April 16th. 2022) 😉

Padjelantaleden is a hiking trail in Lappland, in northern Sweden.
It is about 140 km long and leads from Kvikkjokk northwards through Padjelanta National Park (in the Laponia park system) to Ritsem.
The hike usually takes around 9–10 days (Depending on your speed, but it can definitely be done much quicker).
Not having much elevation gain (at maximum 300 m per day), it is suitable as a beginner’s trekking tour, provided one has experience with outdoor camping, hiking and staying in remote areas.