The last many holidays I have been on have been hiking, as I do not care to lie still on a beach or by a pool – something has to happen!
Here are some of the hikes I have been on the last few years.

Coast to Coast / Across England from St. Bees to Robin Hoods bay.
Lake District / England – an awesome area!
Zion National Park / Yosemite park / USA.
The Wicklow Way
 / Ireland, from Clonegal in Carlow up to Dublin.
Ring of Kerry / Ireland, Southwestern part.
Amalfi kysten / Italy Sorento and Salerno area.

Common to these has been that they have been relatively short, with Coast to Coast being the longest at 309km.
So now it’s time to try my hand at a slightly longer hike and the choice is then landed on a trip that will probably show if I’m a man or a mouse;)