When I start my thruhike of the Continental Divide Trail, YOU will be able to follow my hike ! – uuuhhhh exciting right 🙂


My Youtube channel will get some videos throughout the hike – but not a daily video, as i was unable to get someone to help me. And on the PCT back in 2018 I learned the hard way how time consuming it is to do a daily vlog.
Just the time searching and waiting for wifi / cellservice is insanely frustrating.

This time around I will stille film “everything” but will probably do a weekly video with highlights, and when i get home i might hire someone to make a long and nice video. Time will tell.


My instagram will definitely get updates as often as possible! So you will want to check that out (or at least I hope you will 🙂 )


This time around you will, once again, be able to see where I am thanks to my Garmin inReach mini.
I will update the location a couple times each day so don’t worry if it looks like I am staying in the same place 🙂

I will start the GPS when get to the trail on April 20th.

Check here to see my location on the map


There you have it – I hope you will enjoy following along on my hike.
And pretty please, with sugar on top – subscribe to my Youtube channel so I know that people actually want to follow me on my adventures.

/Rod aka Boss