When I first started planning for my thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail I went all in and made a hiking planner in Apple numbers (Apple’s answer to Windows Excel).

My own personal hiking planner

I have to be honest here, you might as well NOT make one, because chances are that it will not work out the way you thought – which is not a bad thing!
The trail just messes up you timings by throwing in an unexpected zero, trail magic that makes sucks you into staying for just a tad too long 🙂

Unless you are trying for a FKT (Fastest Known Time) you are more likely than not, to go off script 🙂

BUT. I spend the whole of 2017 researching and awaiting my turn to go on the PCT, so I had to pass time, otherwise I would go mad with anticipation.

Forward to late 2021 when I realised that I would be able to do the Continental Divide Trail in 2022. I once again started planning, fully knowing that it would be for no other reason than to pass time 🙂

It is still kinda fun to plot in places and dates etc. to get a rough estimate on where you will be on a given date, and know where to resupply, zero, nero, and how many miles you need to put into a section.

This hiking planner is a very DIY solution, it’s not plug’n’play! You have to do most of the stuff yourself.

I think it is pretty self explainatory, the only thing you have to be mindful of, is if you add or delete a row – then you will need to fix the “trail mile” and the “total days” columns because they will refer to a wrong row.

If you need any help, just shoot me and email and I will try to help you! 🙂

the zip file will have both a Numbers and an Excel file, depending on what you prefer.