I need someone to help edit my CDT trail videos when I start my CDT Thru-hike in april 2022.

Hiking and shooting daily vlogs is already a lot of work, but having to edit those videos on top of that is very time consuming, so I would love if someone was kind enough to help me with that.

As you can see from my previous videos it’s not very fancy and really not that difficult to do, it just takes time which I would rather use enjoying the trail and company of other people I meet on trail etc.

Do you like to edit videos? edit my CDT trail videos pretty please 🙂

Do you like to edit videos?
Do you have ideas on how to make my vlogs more engaging and fun to watch?
Then I would LOVE to hear from you and have a chat about how we can make it happen.

You also need to have a tiny bit of photo editing skills as I will want pictures to accompany the video as well – but again nothing crazy – the auto function will probably work fine – but if you can make it extra awesome I will not complain 😉

Unless you have the time, I was thinking about weekly videos that consists of my adventure as it unfolds (might be 2 times a week – as to not having to post videos that are too long) and I will probably be uploading my raw footage to Dropbox on a daily basis if conditions and cell coverage allow it, so you can work on the videos over some days if you like that approach.

I will upload the pictures and videos to my dropbox that I would use myself, so you dont have to go through a ton of pictures and videos that wont be usable (i might even edit the pictures as I will be posting on IG myself).

And remember that my thru-hike will start in April and end in september, so it is vital that you actually are available to do it for the whole trip.

Editing my videos

The budget

I want to be honest up front – I don’t have a ton of money, so I will not be able to pay a lot. I am already saving up like crazy just to be able to go.

But on the other hand I am not trying to trick someone into doing it for free, promising “exposure” as compensation! (not gonna say no to a free service obviously) as I know that it takes time, so I want to reward that time.
That means that you won’t be able to replace your day job and make a killing off of it 🙂 but I do want to pay, so please contact me regardless and we can have a talk about it.

I don’t have extreme requirements and standards for your editing skills! As long as you, as a minimum, can make it look like my own videos, we are good to go 🙂 You are of course more than welcome to put your own touch on the editing/colorgrading etc. , I am very open to suggestions 🙂

If you are interested, please send me a link to some of your previous work and let’s talk! And if you’re just starting out, contact me anyways 🙂