In case you didn’t know, on September 10th 2023, I was successful in completing the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) !! Yeah for me 🙂

My initial plan, was to do all my video editing and uploading once I got home, but I managed to optimise my editing and was able to do it much faster than I had me able to previously, which made it possible to pretty manageable to upload videos whenever I was near working WiFi 🙂

Than also meant that I didn’t really upload pictures to my Instagram, as I was focused on the videos instead.
But some pictures got published – just not a lot.

So please head over to my Youtube channel if you want to see what happened this year on the CDT, while I was hiking through some pretty amazing trail in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

And if you want to watch or rewatch my first attempt of thruhiking the CDT in 2022, you can watch it right here!

And please subscribe and like my videos over on the Youtube 🙂