As you may remember from my last post I’ve decided to skip hiking this year as I don’t think we are done with the pandemic 😷 yet, and I really want the full experience if I have to be out hiking for 5 months 🙂

But everything is set for a CDT (Continental Divide Trail) thu-hike in 2022!
So my question is: do you wanna join? Are you planning on thru-hiking the CDT in 2022? or some of it maybe?

It could be fun to meet up with for a section or just a few days, or whatever it may be.

I am slowly starting to get into the mood of planning my hike – it probably won’t be as detailed as I did for my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike back in 2018 when everything was new and very “scary” and exciting, because now I kinda know what I am getting myself into and I pretty much have all the gear I need (or do I? 🙂 )

But I will start to watch some videos and slowly begin to figure out where to resupply etc. And of cause I will be posting my progress and thoughts along the way.

For now I just wanted to reach out and see if anybody else is planning a CDT thru-hike in 2022 and maybe have someone to talk to about it 🙂

Also if you already did the CDT and have any tips or suggestions to what to think about etc. I really wanna hear from you 🙂