In a few months, I will go on my first hike of the year – Skåneleden – Coast to Coast trail which is about 370 km (230 mi).

Am I excited? oh yes! I’ve been waiting all winter to get back on the trail. This trail will probably not compare – scratch that – it WILL NOT compare to The Pacific Crest Trail, but at least I get to get away for 8 days, or at least that is my plan 🙂

This trail is located in Sweden, and goes from, well coast to coast 😉 but more specifically from Sölvesborg on the east coast of Skåne(southern part of Sweden) to Ängelholm on the western side of Skåne. As I plan to complete the trail in 8 days I only have to do 25 mile days, which also gives me time to get home on day 8. And if I happen to enjoy myself out there, I even have time to take an extra day, as I have 10 days off 🙂
So all in all its gonna be an easy hike, but I am really looking forward to getting back on the trail, even though there will probably be a lot of forest hiking 😉

Resupply options

After doing a little research to figure out how often I would need to resupply I discovered that about 70 km (43,5 mi) of the trail is detours/different routes that are all included and counted towards the 370 km (330 mi) so in reality I am closer to a 300 km (187 mi) hike.

Doing the rest of the miles makes no sense as I would have to backtrack to get back on the trail again – it is pretty weird to make the trail this way, but that’s how it is 🙂
But back to the resupply. It looks like I can resupply just about halfway through the trail, which is pretty nice, as I have to carry less food.

New Gear – yea!

For this hike, I have changed some of my gear compared to the gear I used on the Pacific Crest Trail. I feel that I know my limits better, and thought that this would be a perfect time test some new equipment 🙂

My first “heavy” item on my gear list was my backpack, and as mentioned in the last post I bought an AtomPacks “The Atom 40” which a 40L pack that is Ultra Light (UL), weighing only 470g (16.6oz).

The next heavy item in my backpack was my tent, The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 is an incredible tent! I love it, easy to set up, easy to pack down, and it’s still pretty lightweight for a 2 person tent. Oh, and did I mention its a freestanding tent, so no matter where you wanna camp, you just do (still need a flat surface though). But it’s still about 1,4KG (50oz) with stakes and groundsheet, so I wanted to try something else and it seems that Zpacks is the place to go.

So I bought a Zpacks Duplex tent 🙂 this tent weighs just 19oz (if you’re reading this Cream, I will be thinking of you every fracking time I have to deal with condensation hehe)
*UPDATE* my attention got directed to this very detailed blogpost from Sport Fitness Advisor (yes yes I know, doesn’t sound like they would write about tents, but they did, and its pretty good 🙂 ) so this might be a good place to start if you are in the marked for a new tent 🙂

That brings my base weight to just under 5 Kg (11lbs) which I’m pretty happy about, it’s about 3 Kg (106oz) less than my PCT base weight.

It will be exciting to see how I feel about a frameless backpack and a single wall tent(with a bigger risk of condensation and thereby a wet sleeping bag)

Next “problem” is how to fit my stuff in my new backpack 🙂

I will let you know 🙂

You can see my full list here

The rest of the gear is basically the same as my PCT 2018 gear list.