How would you like to be able to follow my thruhike of the Arizona Trail (and why on earth wouldn’t you wanna do that?) you can!

By following the istructions below you will be able to follow my thruhike of the Arizona Trail when I check in along the trail – via my goto app for long distance hikes – Guthook


If you don’t know the app Guthook, you are in luck 🙂 not because you didn’t know it, but because now you get to know it! It is the premiere guide for long distance trails – and some smaller ones, with tons of info and a growing community that constantly add notes to different waypoints along the trails to update on water situations, give advice on towns, hostels, etc.

Its a pay to use app, so for every trail you wish to hike, you will need to buy the map in guthook, but the price is well worth it in my opinion and when I thruhiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018 it was one of the most important tools. So don’t be worried that you’re just wasting money, because you are not!

One thing to know before you proceed. You will need to make a profile in the Guthook app before you can use it. So if you don’t want to register yet another app you can just stop reading 🙂

If you don’t mind registering/creating a profile keep on reading!

  1. Download Guthook by clicking this link
  2. Sign into Guthook or sign up
  3. Press the menu button and choose Social Feed
  4. Choose the Find a hiker to follow button
  5. Search for boss or rodclemen
  6. press request and I will do the rest 🙂

Now you will be able to see when I check in along the trail 🙂 Just remember that I actively have to check in, so it will not happen automatically, and there I also a chance that I will forget or not able to because of missing cell service. But I will do my best 🙂

Follow my thruhike of the Arizona Trail

As I have written in an earlier post, I will not be uploading day by day videos on my Youtube channel this time around. I have decided to do a video when I get back from my thruhike.
So for now you can follow along on Guthook, and of course on my Instagram profile which is be spammed with pictures 🙂