Follow my hike

Follow my hike

When I start my thruhike of the Continental Divide Trail, YOU will be able to follow my hike ! – uuuhhhh exciting right 🙂 YOUTUBE My Youtube channel will get some videos throughout the hike – but not a daily video, as i was unable to get someone to help me. And on the PCT back in 2018 I learned…

Hiking planner

Hiking planner

When I first started planning for my thruhike of the Pacific Crest Trail I went all in and made a hiking planner in Apple numbers (Apple’s answer to Windows Excel)….

CDT 2022 - Let the planning begin

CDT 2022 – Let the planning begin!

April is coming fast, and I am slowly starting to get everything in order for my next big adventure.CDT 2022 – Let the planning begin! Leave from work is in place, and my cash situation is almost in place, I still have a few details to sort out in order to be able to just leave for 5 months, otherwise…

Padjelanta Trail

Padjelantaleden 2021

I finally got around to editing and posting my thru-hike of Padjelantaleden 2021 Now I can concentrate on my CDT 2022 Thru-hike, which is just around the corner (April 16th….

Arizona Trail Video

Arizona Trail video online

I finally managed to get my last part of my Arizona Trail video online! First off I want to apologise for the LOOONG delay.It’s been about 1,5 years since I…