Planning a long distance hike is in itself a large undertaking, but being a photographer and knowing that I will be taking a TON of pictures, and at the same time planing on Vlogging on a daily basis, presents some challenges, specifically how to handle Storage for videos and pictures.

Choosing the right camera

I an earlier blog (here) I talk about my thought process about the right camera (it’s in Danish, but if you use the google translate function, you should be able to get a decent translation). But long story short, I will be using my Leica Q for pictures and my iPhone X for video.

Storage for videos and pictures

Using my iPhone for video, the internal storage will eventually run out, so I need to be able to copy the videos off the phone. At home it’s pretty easy as I can just use Dropbox, iCloud etc. but out in the wilderness it will probably take way too long, and still using wifi in towns is probably also not the perfect solution (slow, not enough time and so on).

SO that is why I started to research other options.

External HD with wifi is also going to take too long, and its heavy. And the SD card reader from Apple will only allow you to copy pictures/video from an SD card onto the phone, not the other way around.
But I found a MicroSD card reader from Photofast (amazon link here) that lets you copy both ways, make a backup of all pictures/video/contacts on your phone.

That way I can organize the videos from every day into its own folder on the MicroSD card, and keep my phone “clean”
MicroSD cards are also very small and weigh next to nothing, so even carrying 10x 64GB cards won’t make a huge difference to my pack weight 🙂

Sony was nice enough to sponsor 10 MicroSD cards for my trip (HUGE thank you Sony!) but unfortunately, those cards are not compatible with the Photofast card reader – I have no idea why, because Lexar and Sandisk cards are working fine. So I had to exchange them. But I got SD cards instead (which I will be using in my Leica Q camera) so everything is working out in the end 🙂

This solution is of course not 100% safeproof as the cards can die on me, or my pack gets stolen – but right now I can not think of another way to solve the storage “problem”.

I will cause be putting the cards in double ziplock bags to keep them waterproof – and I’m still planning to edit my daily Vlog, which means that IF something should happen, at least I have my edited videos on Youtube, so worst case is that I lose 1 day worth of videos.

How are you solving this dilemma? do you have any tips or ideas that I might not have thought about? please leave a comment!

See ya!