When I first started to research and plan for my 2018 thruhike of the PCT, I had a clear indication that camera equipment should be kept to an absolutely minimum. Now one year later, pre hike realisations – I’ve come to realise that I might be straying a little from that initial idea 🙂

Late in 2017 i decided to add a DJI Spark drone (you can read about that here – although that post is in danish, I think the google translate will do a fine job), which is still pretty lightweight (including the remote control its just about 700g/24,69oz) and would allow me to get some amazing overview footage of the landscapes I will hike through.

I have also upgraded my camera from a Fujifilm X100F to a Leica Q. Photography is a HUGE part of my life, so I could not compromise on that part.
The Fujifilm X100F is absolutely not a big compromise, but I got the chance to take the Leica Q, which I have been in love with since it was first released back in 2015. So I decided to look past the extra few oz “penalty” and go with that.

Base weight love

To combat the extra weight of the drone i upgraded my rain jacket and sleeping bag and cut about 17oz off my base weight, but as we are nearing my departure for the trail I started to realise that even though I will miss some amazing footage from the drone, It might be smarter to just focus on the trail,  my youtube video diary, and my photography.

SO i have decided to bid adieu to the drone dream and shave even more off my base weight.

I will probably adjust even more when I get on the trail, but for now I am pretty happy – even though I won’t be able to film those cinematic/epic views from above 🙂

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