Hi and welcome to Trailhunger! My new website about hiking – or more specifically about my hiking 🙂
For my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike in 2018 I made a site just for that, but now that I got a taste of the good life, I NEED to experience more hiking adventures.

Since www.MeAndThePCT.dk sounds like it only has to do with the PCT (which is does) I decided to make a new one for all my adventures to come.

After I completed my thru-hike of the PCT I am having a hard time adjusting to “real life” – I’ve tasted nature and it is GOOD! sadly my saving are gone from the PCT trip so right now I’m saving up for the next trips I have planned, which you can see here 

So, for now, I have copied all my posts from my Me And The PCT website so if you never read that you can see what went through my head and how I prepared back in 2017 when I decided to thru-hike the PCT.

Going forward I will post about my upcoming hikes as they happen, and if I get new gear that needs some special attention 😉

So if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Rod “Boss” Clemen