SL1 – Coast to Coast in Sweden

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Kust-kustleden i.e. Coast to coast Trail stretches horizontally from the city of Sölvesborg in the very northeast corner of Skåne to Ängelholm in the west. This sub trail offers experiences in the wild border regions and quiet woodland lakes in the east and dramatic coastal cliffs in the west.

April 2019 I will start on the trail Skåneleden – Coast to Coast which is 370 km (230 mi)

Kust-kustleden is a subtrail of Skåneleden, which is a 5 part trail spanning about 1250km (776 mi) in the southern part of Sweden.

Depending on how many days off I can manage I will do as much of the trail as possible.
This will be my first hike after getting home from completing the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018.
So it will be nice to get back on a trail even though this will much easier as there are really no climbs to speak of.

But it will loosen my legs and hopefully get me ready for my Kungsleden (King’s Trail) in July.

When I get back from the hike I will post a video of the trip so you guys and girls can see what is in store for you if you ever decide to do the trail yourself (its supposed to be a good starter trail for new hikers or families that want to bring their kids on an amazing adventure in Swedish nature)

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