Help me realize my future hikes. please? 🙂

Hiking is pretty expensive when you still have to pay for everyday expenses like apartment, loans etc.
So I save as much as I can each month, but with a little help from YOU, my dreams might actually come true!

Every little donation is a HUGE help!

Below are the hikes I want to do and with a little luck, a lot of effort from me, and some help from all you beautiful people, I might actually be able to save enough money to make them come true.

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Group Goal: 25000 DKK / Raised: 25000 DKK (100%)

The Arizona Trail

The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete non-motorized path, stretching 1288 km (800 mi) diverse miles across Arizona from Mexico to Utah.

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Group Goal: 29000 DKK / Raised: 0 DKK (0%)

The TGO Challenge 2020

The TGO Challenge is a self-supported Scottish Coast to Coast backpacking adventure. Unlike just about all other backpacking events, you plan your own bespoke route.

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